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About Us

Creative craftsmanship in the service of effective marketing is the mark of Manning’s work. He distinguishes himself from those creatives who are soft on marketing and from marketing professionals who undervalue the importance of good creative. It takes both skills to get the job done well.

Before beginning work in advertising, public relations, and marketing, he had actual consumer and business-to-business sales experience. He sold advertising space, audiophile stereo equipment, automotive security systems, auto aftermarket products and services.  Copywriters with actual sales experience have an advantage when it comes to selling in print.

He started in advertising as a freelance copywriter in direct mail. Products included hearing aids, nutritional supplements, and in-home medical self-tests. He values this introduction to the field, because it was always results-oriented with measurable response. Writers who work on projects with a diversified marketing mix, never really see the results generated by their work. But in direct response, the results are measurable down to the individual sale. It helps copywriters focus on results for the client rather than writing to impress fellow writers.

He went on to open a mid-size Michigan Avenue ad agency in Chicago, where he managed creatives in copy and art as well as account and media people. Several of the ads he created won awards, including awards for Creative Excellence from the American Marketing Association.

The firm’s areas of concentration were in financial services, automotive after-market products and services, health and fitness, hotels & resorts, and professional services. Manning created and managed campaigns in each of these areas.  He worked in print, television, radio, direct mail, outdoor, and collateral. Several of his clients achieved spectacular growth in market share.

On behalf of clients, he ghost wrote numerous articles and feature stories for consumer and trade publications, guest editorials, letters to the editor, and advertorials.  He also ghost wrote books on high-tech fitness, auto sales techniques, and child custody fights.

Manning’s formal education was at Illinois Institute of Technology and University of Chicago. He studied mathematics and physics, philosophy, psychology, languages, business, and economics.

Other Team Members

Sometimes Manning Communication uses a network of freelancers to assist during overflow periods and when certain specialized expertise is required. All work is supervised and reviewed by John Manning.